1-hydroxy-1H-benzotriazole, ammonium salt

1-Hydroxy-1H-benzotriazole, ammonium salt (1HBT-NH4) is an organic compound that has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology industries. It is an intermediate in the synthesis of several important drug compounds, and it is also used as a building block in the preparation of other compounds.


Chemical Name:

1-hydroxy-1H-benzotriazole, ammonium salt



Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Chemical Uses


1-hydroxy-1H-benzotriazole, ammonium salt is a chemical compound derivative of the organic compound 1H-benzotriazole. It is a white crystalline solid soluble in water with a pH of 7.8-8.4. The ammonium salt is formed by adding ammonium ions to the compound, increasing its water solubility and stability.


In the pharmaceutical industry, 1HBT-NH4 is used as a starting material in the synthesis of several important drugs, including levodopa, a drug used in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, and the anti-viral drug zanamivir. In agrochemical applications, 1HBT-NH4 is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of various herbicides and insecticides. In biotechnology, it is used to manufacture enzymes, such as proteases, that are used in industrial processes. 1HBT-NH4 is also used as an analytical reagent in the laboratory. It reacts with aldehydes and ketones to give an oxime, and it is also used as a catalyst in the synthesis of polymers.

Chemical Properties

Chemical name:

1-hydroxy-1H-benzotriazole, ammonium salt

Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:






Storage conditions:

Keep away from light and store at low temperature.

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