2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol

2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol (CAS 90110-98-8) is an organic building block with chemical formula C8H6BrNO and molecular weight 212.04. It is available from suppliers such as Anbu Chem, with an estimated delivery time of 45-60 days. The safety, risk, hazard and MSDS of 2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol can also be found.


Chemical Name:




Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Chemical Uses


2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol (CAS 90110-98-8) is an organic compound belonging to the group of benzyl alcohols. It is a colorless liquid, with a melting point of 27-28 °C and a boiling point of 158 °C. It is soluble in most solvents and has a faint aromatic odor.2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol has a wide range of applications in chemical synthesis.

Chemical Properties:

Colorless liquid


2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol is most commonly used in pharmaceutical synthesis, particularly for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It is used to synthesize a variety of APIs, including antibiotics, anti-cancer compounds, and drugs for the treatment of central nervous system disorders, such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. It is also used to synthesize dyes, phthalates, and surfactants. 

In addition to pharmaceutical applications, 2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol is also used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other organic compounds, including plasticizers and inks. As it is a strong nucleophile, it can react with a variety of compounds, making it a useful tool in a variety of chemical syntheses.

Chemical Properties

Chemical name:

2-Bromo-4-cyanobenzyl alcohol

Cas No;


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:



White powder



Storage conditions:

Keep away from light and store at low temperature.

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