2-Diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride

2-Diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride, also known as diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride or diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride. It is a pale yellow solid that is used as a building block in the synthesis of various dyes and pigments. It is also used as a reagent in organic chemistry for the preparation of azo dyes. It is typically synthesized by reacting 1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride with sodium nitrite.


Chemical Name:

2-Diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride



Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Chemical Uses


2-Diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride is a chemical compound that is used in pharmaceutical and other industrial applications. It is an aromatic diazonium salt with the chemical formula C10H6ClN2O3S. DNSC is a highly toxic substance and should be handled with extreme caution. It has a melting point of 110°C. It dissolves easily in water and has a pKa of 8.2.

Chemical Properties:

clear colorless to the yellowish viscous solution


2-DNSC is commonly used as a reagent in synthesizing sulfonamides, sulfonates, and other derivatives. It can also introduce sulfonyl groups into carboxylic acids, amines, and other compounds. In particular, 2-DNSC is used to make sulfonamides, sulfonates, and sulfonamide esters. In addition, it can synthesize sulfonamides and other derivatives of dibenzyl sulfide (DBS).

2-DNSC is also used in research and development. It can be used to study the structure and reactivity of various compounds and probe the mechanism of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. It is also used to synthesize various drugs and other complex chemical compounds.

Chemical Properties

Chemical name:

2-Diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonyl chloride

Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:



Colourless Oil



Storage conditions:

Store at 2-8°C

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