5-Chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine is an organic compound with the formula C14H10ClN3. It is a yellow or orange-brown crystalline solid with a strong smell. It has been used as a flavoring and coloring agent in food and beverages, as well as a component in perfumes, dyes, and medicines. It is also used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.


Chemical Name:




Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Chemical Uses


The chemical 5-Chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine (C14H10ClN3) is an organic compound with a unique chemical structure that has been used for many years in the food industry as a flavoring and coloring agent, as well as a component in dyes, perfumes, and medicines. It has a strong smell and is yellow or orange-brown in color when in crystalline form.

Chemical Properties:

Orange-brown crystalline solid


In food and beverage applications, 5-chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine has been used as a spice, flavoring, and colorant. It is a common ingredient in many processed foods and is used to give food items a color or distinctive flavor. It is also used as a coloring agent in sauces, soups, and other dishes. 

In the perfume industry, 5-chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine is used to give a unique smell to perfumes and colognes. It is also used in the manufacture of dyes that are used to color fabrics, carpets, and other materials. 5-chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine is also a component of many medicines, including antibiotics and antifungals. 

In the agrochemical industry, 5-chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine is used as an insect repellent and fungicide. It is also used to control pests on crops and to protect stored grain from insect damage. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, 5-chloro-2,3-diphenylpyrazine is used in the manufacture of drugs and medicines. It is a key ingredient in many medications, including antibiotics and antifungals. It is also used in the manufacture of topical creams, ointments, and lotions.

Chemical Properties

Chemical name:


Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:

266.72 g/mol



Melting point

126-128℃ (methanol )

Boiling point



1?+-.0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)



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