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Anbu Chem is a leading provider of fine chemical manufacturing services. Our highly qualified and experienced expert team has been providing quality products and services to pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, and other industries worldwide for over ten years. 

We specialize in manufacturing of a wide range of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), intermediates, and excipients. Our commitment to quality, along with our expertise in chemical engineering, has allowed us to develop and manufacture products using the latest technologies, processes, and techniques. 

At Anbu Chem, our customers can rely on us for the quality assurance and safety of their products. We take our commitment to quality seriously and strive to ensure that each batch of chemicals is manufactured to the highest standards. 

We use the latest equipment and adhere to rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our products meet or exceed the highest industry standards. We also offer custom synthesis services to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers can work with clients to develop and manufacture customized chemicals, intermediates, and drugs to meet their specific needs.

Our Products:

  • Fine Chemical
  • API 
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • custom chemical synthesis
  • OLED Intermediates
  • Chemical Reagent
  • UV Photoinitiators
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Customized Chemical services for all your needs

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