Bis(4-biphenylyl)amine (CAS No. 102113-98-4) is an organic compound with a molecular weight of 321.41 and a molecular formula of C24H19N. It is a solid at room temperature and should be stored under inert gas. It is used in pharmaceutical testing and can be purchased from Anbu Chem.


Chemical Name:




Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Chemical Uses


Bis(4-biphenylyl)amine (CAS No. 102113-98-4) is an essential organic compound with numerous applications in various industries. It has a molecular weight of 321.41 and a molecular formula of C24H19N. Bis(4-biphenylyl)amine is a solid at room temperature and should be stored under inert gas to maintain its stability and efficacy.

Chemical Properties:

White to Off-White Solid


Bis(4-biphenylyl)amine has many uses, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in pharmaceutical testing and is a common ingredient in several drugs, including anticonvulsants and analgesics. Bis(4-biphenylyl)amine is also used as an intermediate in synthesizing a variety of other organic compounds, such as dyes and pharmaceuticals. 

In addition, bis(4-biphenylyl)amine has important applications in the chemical industry. It is a catalyst in organic reactions, enabling more efficient and cost-effective production processes. Additionally, bis(4-biphenylyl)amine can be used as a stabilizer of organic solvents, preventing them from breaking down and degrading.


bis(4 biphenylyl)amine synthesis

A mixture of Bis(4-bromophenyl)amine (4.0 g, 12.3 mmol) and phenylboronic acid (4.0 g, 32.7 mmol) was prepared in 250 mL of toluene and 60 mL of ethanol. The solution was sparged with nitrogen while stirring for 15 minutes. Then, Pd(PPh3)4 (1.4 g, 1.23 mmol) and K3PO4 (13.5 g, 64 mmol) were added sequentially. The mixture was heated to reflux and left overnight under nitrogen. After cooling, the reaction mixture was filtered through filter paper, and the solvent was evaporated. The solid was redissolved in nitrogen-purged hot toluene and passed through a Celite?/silica pad while the solution was still hot. The solvent was evaporated, and the white crystalline solid was washed with hexane and air-dried to obtain 3.8 g of Bis(4-biphenylyl)amine.

Chemical Properties

Chemical name:


Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:

321.41 g/mol



Melting point

209 °C

Boiling point

507.0±39.0 °C(Predicted)


1.123±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)



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