(-Cannabichromevarin (CRM)

(±)-Cannabichromevarin, also known by its shorthand CRM, is a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and is recognized as a certified reference material with the CAS number 41408-19-9. With a chemical formula of C19H26O2, CRM is utilized primarily in scientific research. Its physical and chemical properties, as predicted, include a boiling point of approximately 401.4 °C, a density of 1.009 g/cm3, and a pKa of 9.66. This compound, existing as a reference standard, is particularly important in the domain of analytical and forensic science.

( cannabichromevarin (crm)

Chemical Name:

(-Cannabichromevarin (CRM)



Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Ethyl divarinolcarboxylate Uses

Cannabichromevarin (CBCV) with the chemical abstracts service (CAS) number 41408-19-9 is a lesser-known cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant. Similar to other cannabinoids, CBCV is a naturally occurring compound that is structurally related to cannabichromene (CBC). However, its exact physiological effects and potential therapeutic uses are not well-documented due to limited research.

While initial studies indicate that CBCV may interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, its binding affinity to CB1 or CB2 receptors and its influence on various biological processes are not sufficiently understood. As with many minor cannabinoids, attention has been growing in the scientific community about its potential uses. These might include exploring its effects on pain, inflammation, and other conditions for which cannabinoids have shown promise. However, concrete data on CBCV’s efficacy and safety are currently scarce, and more research is necessary to determine its possible medical applications.

Ethyl divarinolcarboxylate Properties

Chemical name:

(-Cannabichromevarin (CRM)

Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:



White powder



Storage conditions:

Store at low temperature and avoid light.

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