Cannabinol monomethyl ether

Cannabinol monomethyl ether is an analytical reference standard classified as a phytocannabinoid. It can be obtained from Cannabis plants containing cannabinol or through synthesis. The specific physiological and toxicological properties of this compound remain unidentified. Primarily intended for research and forensic purposes, Cannabinol monomethyl ether is represented by a chemical formula C22H28O2 and has a CAS number of 41935-92-6. Its molecular structure consists of a monomethyl ether derivative of cannabinol.

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Chemical Name:

Cannabinol monomethyl ether



Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Cannabinol monomethyl ether Uses

Cannabidiol monomethyl ether, also known as CBDM, is an analytical reference standard classified as a phytocannabinoid. It has been identified in various strains of Cannabis. The compound is primarily utilized for research and forensic purposes. With a purity level exceeding 98.00%, CBDM is often cited in reputable scientific papers and serves as a crucial tool in studying signaling pathways. This compound is crucial in understanding the pharmacological properties of cannabinoids and their potential applications in various fields of research.

Cannabinol monomethyl ether Properties

Chemical name:

Cannabinol monomethyl ether

Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:



White powder



Storage conditions:

Store at low temperature and avoid light.

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