Hexadecafluoroheptane, also known as perfluorooctyl bromide, is a synthetic chemical compound used in a variety of industrial, commercial and medical applications. It is an organofluorocarbon compound that is composed of a single long chain of 16 carbon atoms, with 7 of those carbon atoms containing a single fluorine atom. The structure of hexadecafluoroheptane is similar to that of other perfluorocarbon compounds.


Chemical Name:




Molecular Fomula:


Formula Weight:


Chemical Uses


Hexadecafluoroheptane is a fluorinated hydrocarbon composed of carbon and fluorine atoms. It is a colourless a liquid, and non-flammable gas at room temperature. This fluorinated hydrocarbon is a unique compound due to its unique chemical structure and properties. The reactivity of hexadecafluoroheptane is low, but it can be reacted with halogens, sulfur, and phosphorus. It can also be used as a catalyst in chemical reactions.

Chemical Properties:

clear colorless to the yellowish viscous solution


Hexadecafluoroheptane has found a variety of uses in the medical industry. It is used as a surfactant in some inhalation drugs and as an aerosol propellant in some asthma medications. It is also used as a solvent in the preparation of some medical equipment, such as catheters and needles. Additionally, it is used as a surfactant in the production of some contact lenses and as a cleaning agent in some medical devices.

In the industrial and commercial sector, hexadecafluoroheptane is used in a variety of applications. It is used as a fire suppressant, a lubricant, and a degreaser. Additionally, it is used as a carrier in the production of some plastics. It is also used as a fuel additive in some jet engines.

Chemical Properties

Chemical name:


Cas No:


Molecular Formula:


Formula Weight:



Colourless A liquid



Storage conditions:

Refrigerator, under inert atmosphere

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