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We are a leading pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer and supplier of high quality chemicals and intermediates. Our products are used in the synthesis of APIs and active pharmaceutical ingredients. We guarantee product quality and technical support and strive to meet customers’ needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Anbu Chemical company is one leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates and API Intermediates in China. We specialize in producing high value pharmaceutical intermediates. We are one of China’s leading chemicals exporters & our product is exported to more than 30 countries, primarily to the USA & Europe.

At Anbu Chem, we specialize in producing different kinds of raw materials of pharmaceutical intermediates. Our production process ensures that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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Anbu chemical can supply you with custom chemical manufacturing services, from mg to kg quantities.

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Custom Chemical Synthesis Services

Our custom chemical synthesis services can provide various chemical solutions for your needs. We can develop new, novel molecules to fit your requirements or optimize existing chemical reactions. We can also provide solutions that involve more complex process development and optimization. Our services include:

  • Custom Synthesis
  • Solid-Phase Synthesis
  • Process Development
  • Scale-up Synthesis
  • Analytical Services

Custom Chemical Manufacturing

We offer custom chemical manufacturing services to help meet the needs of our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can produce a wide variety of fine chemicals in small and large batches. We can provide custom blending, packaging, and labeling services to meet your needs.

We understand that not all chemical manufacturing processes are created equal, and our team can accommodate your requirements. Our custom chemical manufacturing process can produce chemicals to your specifications, no matter how intricate or complex. We will also work with you to find the best solution.

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Good Quality Control

We have quality control system for each order. we have own lab to test quality before mass produce.

Custom Chemical

Our technical workers can supply custom chemical synthesis services, keep secret for each contract.

Customer Support

We value and respect our customer needs and work wholeheartedly to help accomplish their goals.

Fast Delivery Time

We can give you 15-20 days fast order delivery time for your custom chemical requirement request.

Client Testimonials

When searching for a reliable pharmaceutical intermediary source, I was lucky to find Anbu Chemical company. Their experts are always willing to answer my questions, and they have the best materials I've seen. I'm grateful to have found a partner that I can trust to provide us with the quality we need.
Kamal Atwal
Company Manager
I was looking for a reliable pharmaceutical intermediary supplier for my research and found Anbu Chem. Their products are of the highest quality, and their customer service is second-to-none. They've proved to be a valuable partner in my research, and I'm confident that their products will help me reach my goals.
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Our payment term is : T/T, D/P and LC at sight. Mostly client use is TT 30% deposit, the balance money paid before shipment.

Pharmaceutical intermediates, or pharma intermediates, are compounds synthesized and used to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). APIs are the biologically active components of a drug that have the intended effects. Pharma intermediates are chemical compounds that are used as precursors to make APIs.

Some key characteristics of pharma intermediates include:

  • They are synthesized chemicals, not naturally occurring compounds.
  • They are used as precursors to make active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • They are not intended to be biologically active or have a therapeutic effect. Their purpose is to be further chemically converted into APIs.
  • They must meet high standards of purity and quality control since they are used to make ingredients for pharmaceutical drugs.

The main differences between pharma intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are:

• Pharma intermediates are compounds used to synthesize APIs. They are precursors or pre-stages to make APIs. APIs are the final biologically active ingredients of a drug.

• Pharma intermediates are not intended to have any biological activity or therapeutic effect. They simply act as building blocks to produce APIs. APIs directly provide the effects of a pharmaceutical drug.

• Pharma intermediates must meet high purity and quality standards to be suitable for making APIs. But they do not have to be as rigorously controlled and tested as APIs. APIs must meet strict specifications to be used in drugs for humans or animals.

• Pharma intermediates are usually not patented on their own, but companies may patent the process to make them or the final APIs they produce. APIs can be patented as new chemical entities to protect innovator drugs.

• The market for pharma intermediates, though large, is not as big as the market for APIs and final dosage form drugs. APIs and finished drugs generate more revenue.

The pharmaceutical intermediates market is growing rapidly for several reasons:

• Increasing demand for patented drugs – There is a high demand for novel drugs to treat diseases. This requires complex multi-step synthesis routes which consume many pharmaceutical intermediates.

• Outsourcing API production – Many drug companies now outsource their API production to contract manufacturers in India and China. This has increased the volume of pharmaceutical intermediates traded worldwide.

• Growing generic drug market – The market relies on pharmaceutical intermediates to produce low-cost branded drug copies. This segment is growing fast due to patent expiries of blockbuster drugs.

Some key statistics on the pharmaceutical intermediates market:

• The global market is over $25 billion and is growing at around 6% annually.

• Asia Pacific, especially India and China, dominate the market with over 70% share due to low costs and government support.

• The top 5 players (Lonza, patent holder, Vertellus, etc.) control around 50-60% of the market.

• India’s market alone is over $10 billion, catering to domestic demand and exports. Major hubs are Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

• Recent trends include use of continuous processing, green chemistry innovations, and import-export between regions to optimize costs and availability.

Key factors influencing growth include:

• Increasing investments in R&D by pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs. This boosts demand for intermediates.

• Growing geriatric population and rising prevalence of chronic diseases drives the pharmaceutical market up.

• Government support for generic drugs and bulk drug manufacturing hubs in countries like India.

• Investments in China’s pharmaceutical sector as part of its “Made in China 2025” plan to reduce reliance on imports.

• increasingstringent regulations on environmental compliance and waste handling costs which raise manufacturing expenses.

• Emergence of novel drug discovery techniques like nanomedicine, biotech drugs, etc. requires specialized intermediates.

• Advancements in manufacturing technologies like continuous processing to improve efficiency, scalability and reduce costs.

Different products have different MOQ, for some MOQ is 100kg, for some is 1kg. you can contact with us for your detail requirements.

An active pharmaceutical ingredient or API is the biologically active component of a pharmaceutical drug. APIs are the ingredients responsible for the drug’s physiological or pharmacological action. In other words, APIs are the ingredients that make the drug work.

Some key points about APIs:

  • APIs are derived from chemical synthesis, biotechnology, or natural sources. They must be highly purified and characterized.
  • APIs require a drug master file describing the procedures and controls used for the API’s manufacture, processing, packaging, and storing.
  • APIs must meet stringent regulations and quality standards to be suitable for pharmaceutical drugs for human or animal use.

Examples of pharma intermediates include ethambutol intermediate, clopidogrel intermediate, ezetimibe intermediate, etc. Common examples of APIs are acetaminophen, metformin, atorvastatin, etc.

Some of the major pharmaceutical intermediates companies in China include:

• Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. – One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical chemicals. It produces over 200 intermediates and APIs. Some of its products include statins, ARBs, antibiotics, etc.

• Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. manufactures about 260 pharmaceutical intermediates and over 260 APIs. Some of its products include tolterodine, rivaroxaban, vortioxetine, etc. It serves many multinational pharmaceutical companies.

• WuXi AppTec – One of the largest CROs and CDMOs providing integrated drug discovery and development solutions. It offers API development, manufacturing intermediates and technology transfers. Some of its products include cancer drugs, diabetes drugs, cardiovascular drugs, etc.

• Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. manufactures over 130 pharmaceutical intermediates and 200 APIs. Some of its key products include lamivudine, nevirapine, tenofovir, etc. It has GMP certifications from CFDA, FDA and EMA.

• Jigs Chemical – A private contract research and manufacturing organization. It provides services from drug discovery to commercial production including pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, advanced drug delivery systems, etc. It develops CDMO services for global pharmaceutical companies.

• Yinzhou Qiao Chemical Co. Ltd. produces over 300 pharmaceutical intermediates and 200 APIs. Its major products include antifungal agents, antibiotics, corticosteroids, NSAIDs, antiasthmatics, etc. It has locations across multiple cities in China and US FDA approval for several APIs.

Some key characteristics of Chinese pharmaceutical intermediate companies:

• Majority are state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or private companies. Some are listed on Shanghai/Shenzhen stock exchanges.

• They have large manufacturing capacities, over 100-300 pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. Some can produce over 500-1000.

• They follow GMP and FDA standards for manufacturing some intermediates and APIs. But the quality still trails western companies. Improving quality is a priority.

• They are highly price competitive due to low costs. This helps them grab market share from foreign players, especially for generic drugs.

• They are increasingly focusing on high-end innovative APIs and specialized niche intermediates not just bulk volumes. R&D spending is on the rise.

• Many are integrating horizontally into API production to gain control and reduce costs. Some are expanding globally through acquisitions.

• The government supports these companies through investments, subsidies, loose regulations, etc. as part of its pharmaceutical industry promotion plans.

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We are a pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer in China, specializing in producing high-end and specialty chemicals. Our facility is state-of-the-art and utilizes the latest technologies to produce fine chemicals of the highest purity and quality. Our portfolio of fine chemicals covers a wide range of products, including pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, specialty chemicals, and petrochemicals.

If you are looking for a reliable pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer in China, look no further than us. Our products are of the highest quality and are committed to providing excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our fine chemical manufacturing services.

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