3-Aminotetrahydrofuran (R)-3-Aminotetrahydrofuran is a synthetic chemical compound with the molecular formula C4H9NO. It is insoluble in water and has a boiling point of 126℃. It is produced when a hydrolysis reaction is performed between ethylene diamine and tetrahydrofuran. This reaction is made possible by the presence of a base, such as sodium hydroxide, that catalyses the reaction.


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Chemical Uses


R-3-Aminotetrahydrofuran is a cyclic ether that is composed of four carbon atoms, one nitrogen atom, and one oxygen atom. It is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C4H9NO, and a molar mass of 87.12 g/mol. It is a cyclic ether that has a variety of uses in organic synthesis and as a pharmaceutical ingredient.


3-Aminotetrahydrofuran is an important intermediate in the synthesis of many drugs, including methoxyacetylchloride, a widely used antibiotic, and oxazolidinone, an anti-tuberculosis drug.

The chemical compound is also used in the manufacture of various plastics and resins. It is used as a coupling agent in the synthesis of poly(vinyl chloride) and in the production of high-density polyethylene.

Chemical Properties

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Storage conditions:

under inert gas (nitrogen or Argon) at 2–8 °C

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